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Dispute Resolution & Mediation

Our dispute resolution, litigation and mediation services are based on a tailor-made strategy for each client. 

In dispute resolution processes, we address issues at Partner level. What makes us different is that we create a strategy by considering the needs of individuals and companies from end to end and offer our services in line with this strategy agreed with our client. 


We provide dispute resolution services together with our team of experts and strategic partners, which we have created specifically for each issue by taking advantage of Şeniz Uluköklü's more than 20 years of experience in the sector, expert and academic network in different fields.


Mediation has gained a vital importance in the resolution of disputes due to the changes made in areas such as Employer-Employee Disputes, Commercial Disputes, Consumer Disputes, Rent Disputes, which make mediation mandatory before initiating litigation. Mediation, whether voluntary or mandatory, is a way to achieve faster and more effective results.


Mediation is a good way to preserve the relationship between the parties to the dispute. For this reason, we actively inform our clients about mediation. Şeniz Uluköklü, Sinem Oskay and Murat Tayyar are mediators registered in the Mediation Registry of the Ministry of Justice. In addition, our mediators are experienced in disputes between partners, labor law, commercial law, intellectual property law, insurance law, banking and finance law, family law, consumer law.

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