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Media and Entertainment Law 

We provide our services to all actors in the entertainment industry; establish and protect the moral rights of products of authors who create intellectual and artistic works, performers who perform or interpret such works, producers, people who work on radio, television or digital platforms.  Our experience and advice spans the full spectrum of media and entertainment including TV, film, radio, digital and social media, music, technologies, and platforms associated with media and entertainment.


Our team is active in various areas, including drafting and reviewing a range of contracts and agreements, deal closing, and advising on compliance with the law of intellectual and artistic works among others in media-related matters. Our spectrum includes broadcasting contracts, film rights agreements, songwriter agreements, artist agreements, digital marketing agreements, distribution agreements, recording agreements, and more. 


Our media and entertainment practice is led by Şeniz and Murat, who are highly skilled experts in this field and provide top-quality counseling, prosecution, and litigation services to clients both locally and internationally. 

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