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 Labor Law

We are a leading law firm specializing in collective labor law in Turkey. With two decades of experience, we provide advisory services to clients on a wide range of topics. Our clients include trade unions, workers, and employers, and we offer representation and consultancy services within the scope of the Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining Agreements Law No 6356. Our main goal is to create balanced and equitable work environments where all parties' rights are protected. We strive to represent the vulnerable side in situations of imbalance. Our clients are from various sectors, including manufacturing, wholesale, and services.

Our office provides services to the Boards of Directors, Senior Managers and Human Resources Directors of companies on strategic issues such as restructuring of human resources processes, including employment contracts, workplace procedures, delegation of authority, working hours, competition, occupational health and safety, recruitment, productivity, rewarding, discipline, follow-up of personnel transactions, termination processes and the creation of legal strategies in management.


Our legal services encompass advisory and litigation support, as well as assistance with restructurings and reorganizations, unionization, protection of union rights, collective bargaining, discrimination, mobbing, job security and termination issues, class action lawsuits, strike and lockout cases, lawsuits arising from trade union law, due diligence, employment contracts, mutual termination contracts, liability for workplace accidents, severance payment and termination compensation claims, recourse claims by social security institutions, reinstatement cases, and more.

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